why hire angelo's team as Your listing agent?


  • Honest and expert counsel on market values and pricing in order to achieve the strongest market response and highest possible sales price. 


  • Experience regarding preparing your property to show:  wherever buyers or agents first see your home online, in ads, mail pieces, brochures or in person it will look its absolute best.


  • Angelo simply spends more money on marketing your property, money he invests upfront for professional photography, comprehensive online marketing, promotional materials, direct mail pieces, and buyer and agent/broker advertising.


  • Reach every potential buyer and agent, making a compelling impression, and create a sense of urgency to act quickly to make strong, clean offers. 


  • Angelo never pressures clients to accept offers too quickly, i.e. before the home has been fully exposed to the market: a single additional buyer can add substantially to the sales price. You are the sole decision-maker as to which, if any, offer to accept.


  • Aggressive offer negotiation: savvy negotiating and the effective control and staging of the offer situation using time, the threat of competition and buyer psychology to one’s advantage can easily make a 5-10% difference in the final sales price. In any market.


  • Proactive buyer qualifying and pre-sale disclosure management reduce the odds of accepting an offer from someone who will not perform and help preclude buyer attempts to renegotiate after acceptance.


  • Buttoned-up transaction management minimizes unpleasant surprises, delays in close of escrow and future liability.


  • The security of your home will be maintained during all showings.